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Laser Spine Surgery in India

What is Laser Spine Surgery?

Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy PELD Surgery in India

Laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that treats many painful conditions of the spine. This procedure does not require the spinal canal to be opened up; the surgery is done through small incisions made in the spine that are approximately less than a 1/2 of an inch. Consequently, blood loss is also minimal. Laser spine surgery is an endoscopic alternative that has replaced conventional methods of spine fusion surgeries. By the help of laser light beams, surgeons are able to remove bone spurs and other problems like herniated discs.

What Conditions are Treated with Laser Spine Surgery?

Laser spine surgery is used in treating a wide range of spinal conditions, including:

What are Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery?

Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy (PELD)

• In addition to being able to treat a wide range of spinal conditions, laser spine surgery also involves a much lower risk than conventional open back surgery.

• If you have endured pain for months or years and have not experienced any relief through massage, acupuncture, or chiropractor visits, consider the many benefits of laser spine surgery - a quick, effective outpatient procedure with little risk and fast recovery times. Many patients feel immediate relief and recuperate from their laser surgery in as little as two weeks.

• Laser surgery is a less invasive process than traditional back surgery. Whereas traditional back surgery requires the application of a general anesthetic, laser back surgery only requires a general anesthetic. This means that the risk of complications from the use of anesthetic is markedly decreased, decreasing the likelihood of an incident during the operation.

• Laser surgery is less invasive than conventional surgical procedures, and is often performed on an outpatient basis. Fewer incisions means that you can experience a reduced recovery time with less pain after the surgery itself, improving your overall quality of life surrounding the procedure itself.

What are Preparations for Laser Spine Surgery?

If you are having a laser spine surgery procedure in the near future, you'll have several things to do to prepare for the operation.

What is Laser Spine Surgery Procedure?

Following steps are involved in the procedure

• After the patient is given a local anesthetic to put the patient into a level IV sedation, an intravenous catheter is inserted so that deep sedation, medication and fluids can be given during the procedure. The patient is not totally asleep, so that they can interact with the laser spine surgery team as necessary throughout the procedure.

• The laser spine surgery team generally consists of an anesthesiologist who sits with the patient, a surgical technician who assists the surgeon, the circulating nurse whose job is to be the liaison between the patient and the operating team and the surgeon.

• Laser surgeons use endoscopy in outpatient laser back and neck procedures by making a miniscule incision then inserting an even tinier tube followed by a series of larger tubes placed one at a time over the original tube.

• As this occurs, the tubes gently dilate the skin and tissue. The tubes are then removed in reverse order and the surgeon then performs the procedure through the original tube using fiber optic cameras, lasers, irrigation and suction, and other small surgical instruments. In order to “see” what they are doing, surgeons use a fiber optic camera that has a 50X magnification of the area affected.Most laser spine procedures last an hour. The patient is then taken to the post anesthesia care area and their vital signs are monitored. While there, they may be given pain medication and light refreshments are available if needed. Generally within as little as an hour after the procedure, the patient is up walking around and will be discharged to return home/to their hotel.

What is Cost of Laser Spine Surgery in India?

The cost of getting the Laser spine surgery done in countries like USA and UK is very expensive whereas in India, this can be done at less than half the cost and the patient gets the best possible treatment available. Significantly low cost of laser spine surgery in India is one of the main reasons why this destination is growing popular. Cost of medical care is a fraction of the cost in the US, Canada or Europe (60 to 80 percent less). The cost difference in India and other countries is as mentioned in the table:

Medical Treatment Procedure Cost (US$)
United States India
Laser Spine Surgery for Single Level Laser Spine Surgery for Two Levels Laser Spine Surgery at Multiple Levels 24,000
36,000 and Upwards
8000 to 9000

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