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Robotic Surgery in india

In a Robotic Surgery, the surgeon uses a computer mechanism to manipulate the instruments attached to multiple robot arms. The computer translates the surgeon's movements, which are then carried out on the patient by the robot. This type of surgery eliminates the need for traditional invasive surgeries to a great extent, AdvancedTreatmentinInndia a renowned medical tourism company in India, helps international patients access the best robotic treatment options in Indian hospitals, at affordable rates in India.

Surgical robotics is a new technology that holds significant promise. Robotic surgery is often heralded as the new revolution, and it is one of the most talked about subjects in surgery today. Up to this point in time, however, the drive to develop and obtain robotic devices has been largely driven by the market. There is no doubt that they will become an important tool in the surgical armamentarium, but the extent of their use is still evolving. This surgery is a new and exciting emerging technology that is taking the surgical profession by storm. Up to this point, however, the race to acquire and incorporate this emerging technology has primarily been driven by the market. Moreover, robotic devices seem to have more of a marketing role than a practical role. Whether or not robotic devices will grow into a more practical role remains to be seen.

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What are various Applications of Robotic Surgeries?

Robotic surgery is particularly useful in certain situations or surgeries. For example, in laparoscopic surgeriesol





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What are Benefits of Robotic Surgery?

Why choose India for Robotic Surgery?

Indian healthcare is growing day by day and it has marked new level of success. The Indian doctors have the credit of performing the country's first robotic surgery for prostate cancer. India is gaining popularity internationally due to the robotic surgery in India at very low cost along with world class medical amenities with best results. These factors have driven thousands of international patients from all across the globe for various medical treatments including the Robotic surgery in India.

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Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer in India

Da Vinci Robotic System is a boon for prostate cancer patients as it completely eradicates the prostate cancer with minimal side effects. Da Vinci is a highly advanced and sophisticated master-slave robot that incorporates 3-D high definition visualization, scaling of movement, and wristed instrumentation. Read More

Robotic Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery in India

Pediatric Orthopedics is a medical science division which treats both genetic-related bone diseases and/or bone defects which arise during growth. Children might be born with congenital bone diseases or a child’s growing bones are found to be defective at times. This stream of treatments is also for bone fractures resulting from sports injuries & for which services of an expert pediatric orthopedic surgeon will come useful. Read More

Robotic Heart Surgery in India

Robotic Heart Surgery in India is the latest and most advanced technique in the world to perform heart surgery with greatest precision. There are tremendous advantages of robotic system of heart surgery over traditional heart surgery which include. Read More

Robotic Prostate Surgery in India

Robotic surgery, computer-assisted surgery, and robot-assisted surgery are terms for various technological developments that currently are developed to support a range of surgical procedures. It was developed to overcome limitations of minimally invasive surgery, Instead of directly moving the instruments the surgeon uses a computer console to manipulate the instruments attached to multiple robot arms. Read More

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